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Note the use of graphite crucibles

 Note the use of graphite crucibles :

1.Carring handle should be light with care, not breaking the surface coating, do not scroll.

2.Should be stored in a dry environment and be protected from moisture.

3.When used in a smelting furnace, furnace bottom diameter should be slightly larger than the Crucible bottom diameter, so that the bottom is fully supported.

4.The crucible and heating coils is fixed by refractories,without tilting or loosening.

5.30-60 minutes to preheat the crucible to 200 degrees before use it,(Particularly in the beginning use, both inside and outside the crucible heat, water vapor heats up after discharge)Then 1 hour to heat up to about 800 degrees, the baking time will not take too long.(For example,improper preheating flaking, cracking is not the quality problems, the company is not responsible for returned)

6.Inner wall of the furnace must be maintained in good condition

7.Raised and mounted should use the appropriate Crucible tongs.