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  • induction quenching machine tool
Gear quenching machine tool
Working voltage:3 phase 380V
The length of parts:600-2000mm
Maximum parts diamete:600mm
Maximum parts thickness:140mm
Maximum parts weight:150kg
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Induction Quenching Machine tool structure:

LCN type induction heating quenching machine, the machine tool is mainly for processing shaft and disc. For special workpieces, it can be customized. The machine is servo drive and CNC automatic induction hardening machine. It is mainly used for surface hardening. 

The machine is divided into vertical and horizontal type, process programming data multi-segment storage access, support printing function, with scanning quenching, timing quenching, segmented scanning quenching function.

Performance of induction quenching equipment :

1.It adopts PLC industrial digital control system with advanced performance, convenient debugging and use, and can meet the quenching needs of complex workpieces to the greatest extent.

2.Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust;

3.Energy-saving: The machine tool guide quenching equipment adopts IGBT international advanced components, which saves electricity, saves energy and reduces cost.

4.A variety of quenching methods: continuous scanning quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmental continuous scanning quenching, segmentation and simultaneous quenching, etc.

5.Adaptability: This machine is self-propelled, especially suitable for larger and heavier and longer guide rails.

6.High quenching quality: no oxide layer, small deformation, depth and hardness of hardened layer is about 2~4mm, and can also be determined according to the manufacturer's process requirements.

7.Three-dimensional motion direction: The machine can do self-motion such as horizontal motion, vertical motion, and up and down motion.

Induction quenching machine tool parameter:

Quenching stroke 1000mm
Swing diameter 1500-5000mm
Workpiece weight 1T-8T
Quenching feed rate 100-1500mm/min
Fast return speed 3000mm/min
Machine positioning accuracy 0.1mm
Control axis number 3 axis
Quenching speed adjustment Stepless Adjustable
cooling method Spray
Machine control method Numerical control system
Machine operation Automatic / manual
Numerical control system KND