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LSW-300 Induction Heating Machine
Voltage:3-phase 380V-50/60HZ
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LSW-300KW high frequency induction heating equipment

Application of Induction Heating Equipment :
1, through-the-hole forging of round steel with a diameter of 90mm or less, square, bar and other workpieces;
2, the gear is about 750mm diameter quenching;
3, 900mm diameter sprocket quenching, single tooth can be quenched by about 50mm, diameter of about 350 shaft quenching, quenching uniform, good effect.

Features of High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment :
1. Adopt Germany Siemens IGBT frequency conversion, voltage feedback series resonant circuit. The conversion efficiency is as high as 97.5% or more.
2. The power and time of the heating and holding process can be adjusted, which is beneficial to improve the quality of heating and the repeatability of heating, and simplify the operation of the worker.
3. Easy to install, connect three-phase 380V power supply, water, water, and can be completed in a few minutes.
4. Compared with the thyristor medium frequency induction heating equipment of the same power level, the IGBT intermediate frequency is reduced by 1/2 and the weight is reduced by 2/3. Water saving 20%, saving 30%. It has a very small footprint and is easy to operate. It can be learned in a few minutes.
5. Regardless of the output power, the power factor is always not less than 0.95. 100% startup can be successful under any load. With frequency automatic tracking function, high power factor can always be guaranteed in the whole process
6. Replace the reverberatory furnace, gas generator, etc., heating without open flame, in line with national fire safety regulations.
7. With double closed-loop control function, maximum efficient and rapid heating, optimize the heating process of metal workpieces.
8. The entire control system is digitally integrated, with various protection actions and fast speeds, low failure rate and long life.

LSW-300KW induction heating equipment:










Max.output power




Input voltage


3 380V 50HZ


Oscillating frequency




Max. input current




Generator weight




Generator size