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  • induction brazing machine
  • induction brazing equipment
  • diamond saw blade brazing machine
  • cooper line brazing machine
Copper tube brazing machine
Working voltage:3 phase 220V/380V
Input power:30KW
Machine weight:60kg
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High frequency induction brazing machine Application:

1,Brazing for diamond cutting edge, carbide saw blade, carbide cutting tool for machining, such as diamond cutting tool, drill tool, turning tool, planer, milling cutter, reamer and other cutting tools.

2,Brazing for brazing metal parts, such as towel rack, soap net, bath towel rack, auto parts, friction fittings, metal terminals, hardware, electric heating pipe fittings and fasteners.

3,Brazing for marble saw blade brazing, woodworking saw blade brazing, inclined nipper edge quenching, reamer brazing, small bit hot rail, turning tool, copper brazing.

4,Brazing for brazing mine accessories, such as drill bit, bit, sleeve brazing, screw drilling tool, rotary drilling tool, screw drilling tool with equal wall thickness, rivet coal drill bit, coring drill core, coreless drill bit, pneumatic drill bit, dovetail coal drill bit, etc.


Feature of induction brazing equipment:

1,Efficient and fast brazing, 1 to 5 seconds per tooth, each tooth has good repeatability.

2,The heating is fast and uniform, which can effectively prevent the brittleness and fracture caused by local overheating of saw teeth, and also prevent the undesirable phenomena such as tooth dropping caused by non-penetration brazing.

3,High performance and high hardness sawtooth saw blades can be welded. These saw blades can't be welded by resistance brazing.

4,Energy saving, electricity saving, low cost and less power consumption (2-3kw/h).

5,Small size, light weight, it can move the working position at any time to facilitate production needs.

Parameter of high frequency induction brazing equipment:

Model LSW-30
Max Input Power 30KW
Input current 50A
Input voltage 3 phase 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Oscillation frequency 25-40KHZ
Heating time 1-99 seconds
Load rate 0.9
Water temperature ≤45℃
water pressure ≥0.15-0.2Mpa
Water flow ≥20L/Min
Dimension 600*265*540
Weight 48KG