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Pick bit brazing machine
Working voltage:3 phase 380V
Input power:200KW
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Technology of Pick bit brazing machine:

The pick-tooth brazing equipment quenching and quenching synchronization are completed simultaneously, and the residual heat after welding can be fully utilized.

The repeated heating of welding and quenching process is avoided, improve the comprehensive mechanical property of the pick, the weld is well filled.Heating furnace adopts tunnel profiling design, heating uniformity.

Pick welding equipment features:

1,Small size, light weight, simple installation and convenient operation.

2,The power saving is 60% compared with the traditional high frequency equipment, and 20% compared with the thyristor medium frequency power saving.

3,Safe and reliable, no high voltage, safe for operators.

4,The frequency band is wide enough to satisfy the heating, heat treatment and brazing of different parts before forging.

5,The unique cooling cycle system ensures that the equipment works continuously for 24 hours.

Pick bit induction brazing machine parameter:

Model LSW-200
Max Input Power 200KW
Input current 300A
Input voltage 3 phase 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Oscillation frequency 3-6KHZ
Heating time 1-99 seconds
Load rate 0.9
Water temperature ≤45℃
water pressure ≥0.15-0.2Mpa
Water flow ≥50L/Min
Dimension 630*800*1860mm
Weight 330KG