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Machine Tool Guide Rail Quenching Equipment
Longitudinal travel(M):3、6、9、12、15
Longitudinal traveling speed(mm/Min):10-400
Cross travel(mm):500
Lateral adjustment line speed(mm):20-100
Lifting height stroke(mm):800
Sensors minimum height(mm):700
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Machine Tool Guide Rail Quenching Equipment

We have many years of experience in induction heating machine. In Machine Tool quenching have achieved a major break through. According to market needs developed mechanical & electrical integration quenching equipment for 1-30 tons of different machine bed.

The main characteristics of the device: Power transformers, sensors、cooling system designed and manufactured as a unified system,the system having a longitudinal (along the axial bed) movement, perpendicular to the forward and backward movement of the machine, up down motion, the motion sensor main scanning, power supply frequency 15-30KHZ.

The device constituent units:

1.IGBT series high frequency power supply system;

2.Water cooling system;

3.CNC three-dimensional motion mechanism;

4.Central control system.

Configuration of quenching equipment:

Longitudinal travel(M)


Longitudinal traveling speed(mm/Min)


Cross travel(mm)


Lateral adjustment line speed(mm)


lifting height stroke(mm)


Sensors minimum height(mm)


Lifting line speed(mm/min)