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LSW-50 Induction Heating Machine
Voltage:3-phase 380V-50/60HZ
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LSW-50KW high frequency induction heating equipment:

Application of induction heating machine:

1)  turbine parts forged, engine turbine blade welding and heat treatment;

2)  Rock drilling tool welding, Sucker rod terminal heating, Weld annealing, Pipe forming preheating;

3)  Motor end ring welding, Rail heating, Heat treatment of components;

4) Turning tools, woodworking tools, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers etc welding and quenching;

5) Heat treatment of engine components and hatches;

6) Heat Treatment: Different metal parts Heating, brazing, quenching, annealing;

7) Steel rod and billet heating, Metal material heating, Rod end horizontal and vertical heating;

8) Crankshaft, valve, gear heating, brazing;

9) Steel pipe welding, heating, quenching.

Features of induction heating machine:
1. using IGBT as the main device, full-bridge inverter, perfect protection function and high reliability;
2. remote control and matching infrared temperature measurement, automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operation;
3. replacing the oxy-acetylene flame, coke oven, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace and other heating methods;
4. using frequency automatic tracking and multi-channel closed-loop control, easy to install, easy to operate.

LSW-50KW induction heating equipment parameter:

Item Specification
Model LSW-50
Max.output power 50KW
Input voltage 3 380V 50HZ
Oscillating frequency 18KHZ-23KHZ
Max. input current 85A
Generator weight 120KG
Generator size 670*820*1460mm