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How to choose cooling system?

1,Closed cooling: light weight and with less floor space, arbitrary mobile placement; it can be used directly, it does not need to dig the pool or install a cooling tower, water pump, pipeline, etc. It avoids complicated water cooling construction and saves the land for the plant.

Fully enclosed soft water circulation cooling to prevent blockage caused by debris; Avoid scaling of electrical components, which can greatly reduce the failure rate of equipment and extend the service life of equipment;

Automatic digital display temperature control, energy saving and environmental protection, easy installation and operation, easy maintenance.


2,Open pool

The tap water circulates, the water in the pool is pressurized into the equipment by the water pump, and the effluent flows back to the pool for recycling.Naturally radiating heat through flowing water; disadvantage:The tap water temperature lasts for 40 degrees, which will form scale, it will cause the equipment pipeline to be blocked and cause equipment temperature control alarm and reduced service life. Increased costs.