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how to choose good crucible furnace material?

In addition to according to the standard physical and chemical indicators, the shrinkage coefficient charge will save a lot of material. In order to avoid temperature difference repeated, there will be some shrinkage cracks, which would reduce crucible life.

Depending on the device type, pH degree of melting material and temperature can be determined. Now, our frequency furnace crucible materials are generally used with quartz sand and high-alumina. High quality bauxite is more appropriate below five hundred kilograms frequency furnace. Quality in the five hundred or more intermediate frequency furnace fuel to choose quartz .

This material is natural quartz sand, fine ore processed by refining, the quality is good or bad, mainly determined by the silicon content . To change the life of the furnace , it can achieved by changing crucible manufacturing, the temperature of the crucible and the silicon content in the following changes can make the IF furnace life in line with industrial use.

And by changing the frequency crucible furnace of quartz sand and silicon content, while also selecting the intermediate frequency furnace for the fuel used to avoid because of fuel does not meet the difficulties caused by processing.