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Lanshuo is committed to provide users with high-quality products and services in the field of induction heating.Through our service to ensure that the quality of the user equipment continue to improve production capacity, consistent and reliable operation.

Factory Service

1. Induction heating technology consulting
2. Technical scheme and configuration design
3. Customized IGBT frequency scaling induction heating and smelting complete sets of equipment
4. The nationalization customizing of Foreign high-end induction heating production line
5. The solution of induction heating and melting equipment energy-saving system
6. Equipment testing and performance evaluation
7. Imported equipment repair and maintenance
8. The application technique of induction heating and maintenance training

On-site service
1. Equipment field prospect
2. Equipment installation and commissioning of technical guidance
3. The preventive diagnosis and maintenance of equipment
4. Emergency on-site service

Update service
1. Replace foreign power, reduce the user operation cost
2. Replace the old power supply, improve the level of technology and processing capacity
3. Old equipment upgrade and expand more specifications, varieties and field application
4. Improve equipment utilization
5. Customized systemic updates
6. Control system upgrade
7. Ensure the updated improvement of comprehensive performance

1. Guide to install properly according to specifications
2. Installation quality inspection
3. Ensure the correct startup and commissioning
4. Ensure the qualified equipment performance output
5. Comprehensive site safety regulations
6. Found equipment failure reason accuratly, solve the field failure timely
7. Guidance and training for operating equipment

Maintenance/Spare parts

1. maintaining
2. spare part
3. Parts replacement and maintenance