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The difference between KGPS and IGBT

KGPS induction heating equipment

1. Thyrisor uses parallel circuit.However, there are some defects in this circuit, and the control circuit is relatively complex.

2.As the medium frequency power supply of the main power switching device, thyristor has great harmonic pollution to the power grid. And the power only is 80%.

3.It needs to be equipped with a power factor compensation cabinet, (according to the different regions)add new inputs, resulting in low power supply effects.

4.High power consumption, traditional thyristor equipment has  a roaring sound.

5.Poor anti-interference ability, low startup, etc.

6.It is suitable for large forging and melting.


IGBT induction heating equipment

1.IGBT induction heating equipment uses series resonant inverter, the rectifier part adopts diode three-phase full bridge rectifier.

2.The circuit is extremely simple, and can be controlled by PLC, infrared thermometer, etc.

3.It adopts the pressure-limiting over-flow protection circuit, which makes the failure rate extremely low.When the over-current over-voltage protection action is activated, the alarm immediately displays an alarm and stands overrun protection.

4.Compared with the old thyristor, the IF energy saving is 20%-30%, the water saving is 30%-40%, and the power factor is over 95%.

5.Using Siemens products from Germany as inverters,

6.The amount of maintenance technology is reduced.

7.IGBT has no roar noise.