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2019 Uzbekistan Tashkent International Mining, Metallurgy and Metalworking Exhibition

Uzbekistan Tashkent International Mining, Metallurgy and Metalworking Exhibition is a professional exhibition dedicated to construction machinery and mining machinery and equipment. Our products have a certain relationship with mining machinery and equipment, so our company participated in this exhibition, hoping to obtain relevant customer resources in the exhibition.

During the three-day exhibition process, we actually received more than 40 customers and developed 15 customers with genuine purchase intentions. After the exhibition, we organized and tracked the customer information obtained at the exhibition. Development and progress.

The Central Asian market (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries) has a greater demand for our high-frequency induction heating equipment, super-audio induction hardening equipment, and intermediate-frequency induction melting furnace.

We have benefited a lot from
Tashkent International Mining, Metallurgy and Metal Processing Exhibition in Uzbekistan . At the same time, our company is also continuously developing, upgrading and updating our products and equipment, improving equipment operating efficiency, saving energy and reducing energy consumption. To extend the service life of the equipment, to obtain customer recognition with advanced science and technology and quality service, to establish our "Lansuo" brand image.