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Pick cutting integrated soldering production line

Technology of induction brazing equipment:

The pick-tooth brazing equipment quenching, and quenching synchronization are completed simultaneously, and the residual heat after welding can be fully utilized.The repeated heating of welding and quenching process is avoided,improve the comprehensive mechanical property of the pick, the weld is well filled.Heating furnace adopts tunnel profiling design, heating uniformity.

High frequency induction brazing machine Feature:

1.The pick brazing equipment is more efficient, and the wear resistance of the pick is significantly improved.

2.Through the integrated treatment, the pick has high hardness, good toughness, wear resistance and impact resistance, it can protect the head of pick body and reduce the the wear speed of head gear body, synchronous wear of the pick body and the alloy head to achieve an optimal fit.

3.It improves production efficiency and save manpower and material resources.