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Impeller quenching equipment

Impeller:Large-diameter flaky impeller is an important part of the blasting machine assembly. In the process of self-made impeller, our company has been subjected to the conventional heat treatment and quenching process specification for many years due to the bottleneck of heat treatment and quenching equipment production. After the heat treatment,the end face warpage distortion variable is large, and thedefective product rate reaches 100%. After grinding, the technical requirements of the drawings are still not met. The geometric accuracy of the impeller is poor, which affects the static balance adjustment after assembly.

It is used for quenching, welding, annealing, tempering, forging and melting of various metals; especially local heating and metal heating in various industries, such as Hot forging and rollingindustry---whole forging, partial forging, fastener forging, bit pressing,
various standard parts, non-standard parts of hot piers, pliers, wrenches and other hardware tools forging heating.Welding---(soldering, silver welding, brazing) brazing of various metal products, welding of various cutter blades,welding of steel pipes, welding of diamond tools, welding of various shearer picks, various drill bits, Welding of the drill bit.Quenching, annealing, tempering, especially local treatment, heat treatment of various hardware tools, hand tools, various auto parts, gears, sprockets, hydraulic parts, machine tool guide quenching heat treatment.