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  • bar heating
  • bar heating
Voltage:3-phase 380V-50/60HZ
Hardening depth:1.8-3mm
Application:bolt heating,hardware tools quenching ,gear shaft hardening
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LSW-50KW Ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment:
1.Adopting German SIEMENS IGBT inverter circuit to save energy and electricity.
2.Equipped with infrared thermometer to achieve automatic temperature control.
3.Hot forging for round bar and bolts and can process the diameter is within 35mm.
4.Suitable for brazing lathe tool 50X50mm; hollow drill tool single tooth welding 300mm.
5.Brazing tool about 50X50mm; hollow drill single tooth welding diameter 300mm.
6.Surface hardening for gear shaft ,disc-type diameter is within 180mm ,shaft type is 60mm.
7.Heating speed is fast: no oxide layer, small deformation and improved forging quality.
8.It is convenient to replace induction coil to adapt to integral heating or end heating.

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the material, size and hardening depth of your workpiece, we will offer you sutibale machines 
LSW-50KW Ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment
Item Unit Specification
Model LSW LSW-50
Max.output power KW 50
Max.input current A 75
Oscillating frequency KHZ 18-25
Working voltage V 342-430
Input voltage Phase/V/HZ 3-380-50/60
Duty cycle % 100
Water flow L/Min 20
Water pressure Mpa 0.2
Generator size MM 820*650*1170
Transformer size MM 820*550*675
Total weight KG 113