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Voltage:3-phase 380V-50/60HZ
Hardening depth:1.8-3mm
Application:bending pipe preheating,elbow preheating, hub quenching.
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LSW-500KW Ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment:
1.Adopting German SIEMENS IGBT inverter circuit,ensures works continuously for 24 hours.
2.Equipped with infrared thermometer to achieve temperature control,simplify workers operation.
3.Hot forging for standard parts,round bar ,bolts and fasteners and the diameter is within 120mm.
4.Welding for cemented carbide turning tools,cutting tools, preheated welding seam or tempering.
5.Hardenig for ball cage,automobile shaft,shaft diameter within Φ350mm surface heat treatment.
6.Hardening for wheel hub, gear diameter within 800mm. Mold heating,bending pipe preheating.
7.Motor rotor heating, low-temperature shaft sleeve thermal assembly, diameter within Φ1600mm.
8.No pollution to the network side,transformer and compensating capacitor will not be heated.
If you are interested in our equipemnt, please leave a message to let us know:
the material, size and hardening depth of your workpiece, we will offer you sutibale machines 
LSW-500KW Ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment
Item Unit Specification
Model LSW LSW-500
Max.input power KW 500
Max.input current A 750
Oscillating frequency KHZ 10-40
Output voltage V 500
Input voltage Phase/V/HZ 3-380-50/60
Duty cycle % 100
Heating timer Seconds 1-99
Water flow L/Min 10
Water pressure Mpa 0.2
Generator size MM 1500*800*2000
Transformer size MM 870*530*600
Total weight KG 600